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F1 in Schools Thailand 2024 World Finals Team - Phayu Racing

Phayu Racing

F1 in Schools Thailand World Finals Team - Intanin Racing

Intanin Racing

Project Challenges

Considerations For New Teams


F1 in Schools Teams Budgets for the World Finals ranges from 1.5 Million Baht for 6 team members plus 2 Supervising adults. Most of the Teams fund their efforts through sponsorship and in-kind partnership

Manufacturing Capabilities

Teams will have to manufacture prototypes and their official race cars. CNC Machines, 3D Printers and other manufacturing needs. F1 in Schools Thailand with the help of FabLab Bangkok will be providing assistance in all manufacturing process includes from testing in both virtual and actual test on smoke, wind tunnel and actual race on 20 meters elevated race track.


The F1 in Schools program is truly an experience where students get back what they put into their team. The competition can be a large time commitment for students as it requires a lot of dedication to create and run mock race team with multiple project elements.

Lead Adults can expected to be fairly with teams as they need extra coaching and guidance.


July - September 2023

September 30, 2023

October 2023 - Onwards

Open for application to Team of 6 students to Apply for one of the 4 seat to represent Thailand to 2024 World Finals F1 in Schools STEM Challenge. Email us

Final 4 teams will be selected to compete for 2024 World Final.

Start Team Trainings and preparations for the 2024 World Finals. 

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