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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is F1 in Schools Thailand?
F1 in Schools Thailand is an exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) competition where teams design, manufacture and race miniature Formula 1 cars.

2. Who can participate in F1 in Schools Thailand?
Students aged 5-19 from schools across Thailand can form teams and participate in F1 in Schools. It's open to both public and private educational institutions.

3. How can my school get involved in F1 in Schools Thailand?
Schools can register for F1 in Schools Thailand through our website. Once registered, teams will receive all the necessary information and guidelines for participation.

4. What are the benefits of participating in F1 in Schools Thailand?
Participating in F1 in Schools Thailand offers students the chance to develop essential skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation. It also provides valuable hands-on experience in engineering and technology.

5. How are teams judged in F1 in Schools Thailand?
Teams are evaluated based on various criteria including car design, engineering, innovation, presentation skills and performance on the track during the racing stages.

6. What resources are available to support teams in F1 in Schools Thailand?
F1 in Schools Thailand provides teams with resources such as design software, technical support and access to workshops and training sessions to help them throughout the competition.

7. Is there a registration fee for F1 in Schools Thailand?
Yes, there is a registration fee to participate in F1 in Schools Thailand. The fee covers administrative costs, access to resources, and participation in regional and national events.

8. Can teams from F1 in Schools Thailand compete internationally?

Absolutely! Winning teams from F1 in Schools Thailand have the opportunity to represent Thailand at the F1 in Schools World Finals, competing against teams from around the globe.

9. What is the timeline for F1 in Schools Thailand?
The competition typically follows a timeline that includes registration, design and manufacturing stages, regional and national finals, leading up to the World Finals for qualifying teams.

10. How can sponsors support F1 in Schools Thailand?
Sponsors play a crucial role in supporting F1 in Schools Thailand by providing financial assistance, mentorship and access to resources for participating teams. Interested sponsors can reach out through our website for partnership opportunities.

F1 in Schools Thailand Partners

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