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F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 Group

HURRY!.... Register Now To Prepare For The Coming International Challenge


F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 Verbal Presentation


Send your teachers or instructors to our F1 in Schools STEM Program - Skills Development Course to Learn how to train their students and your institution will automatically part of the F1 in Schools family.

F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 Team


Your trained teachers will go back and train students to learn about the F1 in schools STEM program in your school and master the skills in Design, Analyze, Make, Test, Race, Presentation, marketing, sponsorship and financial strategy.

F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 Race


Race, race, race Compete within your school levels. Participate in Regional and National Competitions. Represent Thailand to compete with other 60 teams from 30 different countries.

The Key to Join The  World's Prestigious STEM Programme 

The F1 in Schools STEM Challenge- Skills Development Course

Our course will train school teachers that will deliver the F1 in Schools STEM Program to their institution. The program, with multi-disciplinary approach embracing key skills across STEM. can be used as an education tool to engage students in STEM subjects, while inspiring many students to consider engineering as a career.

This give both students and teachers the opportunity to develop key skills such as communication, presentation and teamwork, while forming the foundation for any career path students choose to follow . It develops their confidence through teamwork and verbal presentations needed in judging the elements and often sparks a passion for a specific expertise, whether this is managing people , marketing the team or creating artistic graphic and display.


What You Will Get:

F1 in Schools STEMS skills Development Course Program- STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Educational project and competition enables students to take part in the challenge and inspires the youth to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacturing, branding, graphic design, sponsorship, marketing, leadership, teamwork, media skills and financial strategy.

This course is designed to provide schools teachers and officials with the skills needed to run the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge in their schools which the course is held here in F1 in Schools Center at FabLab Bangkok - Knowledge Xchange near BTS Wongwian Yai Station.  

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