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A Bit About 2024 Thailand National Championship

It  will be held in October 2024 the exact date will be announce once the 2024 Formula 1 racing calendar will be official posted. The competitions will be coincide with Formula 1 Racing in Suzuka Circuits in JAPAN. The Winning Team from the F1 in Schools Thailand National Championship will be representing Thailand as the official team for 2025 World Finals that will be held in one of the 22 countries that host Formula 1 races.

The Team who will participate in this exciting events will be staying in Japan for 7 days and there will be a lot of different activities beside the main competitions. 


Project Challenge: Considerations for the Teams who will participate. The main reason why we are schedule this competitions in 2024 so that the teams together with there supervising adults will have a longer time to prepare not only on the mandatory project elements that they need to submit but also the budgets for the things that the teams will be spending. We are requiring teams to have 1.5M baht to cover the 7 days stay in Japan, for the air travel, hotels, accommodations, food and paid activity. Most of the funds must through SPONSORSHIP and In-Kind Partnership.


Time Commitment: The F1 in schools Program is truly an experience where students get back what they put into their team. The competition can be a large time commitment for students as it requires a lot of dedication to create and run mock race team with multiple project elements.  


September 2022 - September 2023

September 2022 - September 2024

Within the period of 1 calendar year. We will be accepting teams to register. September 30, 2023 will be the last day that we will be accepting Team application for the F1 in Schools National Championship that will be held in Japan. *If the number of teams who will participate will be less than 15 teams we will cancel the competitions in Japan and will held the competition in one of the best locations here in Thailand. 

The teams will have a total of 2 years to 1 year to prepare for this competition, the earlier the team to decide to join the more time they can have. Team will be trained & supervised by their own Supervising adults and F1 in Schools Program Specialist. 

October 2024 

Teams will be flying to Japan to compete for the Championship Trophy for the F1 in Schools Thailand National Championship

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